As an hobbyist programmer I've developed a few pieces of software. Most of it is broken, incomplete or otherwise unfit for release but here you'll find a few things that aren't completely irredeemable or are at least somewhat interesting - probably only to me.


Power Saver GO (Tasker/Android) 2016
An extension for Pokémon GO that adds a number of accessibility, power saving and pocket friendly features to the game. It can dim the screen to the absolute maximum (completely black but still on), prevent accidental key/screen presses, prevent your phone from locking, enable your phones Power Saving Mode and disable key backlights while your phone is in your pocket. It can also keep the screen awake and create notifications when a Pokémon appears. Optionally it can display buttons over the game that can be used to quickly restart the game or start timers to tell you when a PokéStop resets or a lure expires.

Late Night Dub Fight (HTML5/Javascript) 2016
A browser based party game inspired by the improv show of the same name. The object of the game is simply to improvise dialogue for the scenes available and award points to whomever does it best.

Helicopter 2014 (Unity Web Player/Android) 2014
My goal here was to take the simplicity of an old Helicopter game and add a cooperative (or uncooperative) multiplayer component to it a la Twitch Plays Pokemon but built from the ground up for low latency real-time play. It worked but nobody played it so I didn't bother keeping the server up. This is that game but you're playing by yourself which means there isn't really anything special about it.

Press X To Not Die (Flash) 2009
This is an old entry for a game competition. It consists entirely of quick time events. Dumb but playable.

Jumpman Engine (Windows Executable) 2009
This is the result of attempting to make a game that has more than one screen. That's pretty much all it is though since it never became anything more than half a tech demo.

Metal Slug - The Battle (Windows Executable) 2007
Once upon a time a guy on a forum challenged me to make a better game in Visual Basic 6 than he could make in C++. I won by default but that doesn't mean I came up with something good. There is actually some video footage of an earlier build here.


SnoBot (Windows Executable) 2011
An attempt at making a chat bot that simulates intelligent responses by learning through conversation. Not only can it be communicated with locally - it can also chat with people on Omegle which is the reason for some of the more quirky replies. If you overwrite the response files with those from the default folder you can teach it to respond in whatever way you choose. Interacting on Omegle requires focus on the input text box.

IdleWire (Windows Executable) 2009
Back in the day when my internet connection was even worse than it is now I needed a way to download files effectively without it sucking up the entire connection. This little application is designed to close your download client of choice when you are using your computer and reopen it when left idle. May be useful for those who still have a poor connection.

NetChat (Windows Executable) 2008
An instant messaging client that works off of an unusual principle. Placed on a network drive it allows communication via a text file accessed by all clients. Supports names, private messages and basic administration.

Remote Admin (Windows Executable) 2008
A set of software that allows you to view and control one computer from another. Uses the same unconventional connection method as NetChat above. Requires you to set a network file path in config.ini for the client to read that is used as an input when connecting with the remote controller.